#35 George Lucas (George Lucas: A Life)

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What I learned from reading George Lucas: A Life by Brian Jay Jones.

Episode Notes

What I learned from reading George Lucas: A Life by Brian Jay Jones.

George Lucas was a benevolent dictator who changed the way movies were filmed, edited, financed, and merchandised. Lucas unapologetically invested in what he believed in the most: himself. (0:01), Learning from fictional characters. (6:22), A desire to do something in a way no one had ever thought of before. (7:17), The start of his 2nd life. (9:34), The USC Mafia (15:49), He knew how to do it, and he was going to make sure everyone knew that he knew. (19:04), George Lucas' first job in the film industry (24:11), "You know, maybe I want to be a director. I don't want people to tell me what to do." (25:05), Meeting Francis Ford Coppola (27:07), Lucas finds his inspiration, his eventual business model and modus operandi (31:49), The Founding of Lucasfilm (40:07), "And that was really the birth of Star Wars. It was only a notion up to then. At that point, it became an obligation!" (42:21), Like climbing a mountain (47:45), Stay Small. Be the best. Don't lose money. (57:38), His most important decision ever. (1:00:18), "How many people think the solution to gaining quality control, improving fiscal responsibility, and stimulating technological innovation is to start their own special effects company? But that's what he did." –Ron Howard (1:12:48), Control the funding and you control the % of the profits. (1:17:50), The ideas for Pixar, Skywalker Ranch, & THX. (1:22:02)

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